LLM International Commercial Law
“The collaborative nature of the program, facilitated by the esteemed University of Salford and the innovative approach of the prestigious Robert Kennedy College, provided a stimulating learning environment characterized by diversity, inclusivity, and academic excellence. Engaging with fellow scholars from diverse cultural, professional, and academic backgrounds enriched my learning experience, broadened my perspectives, and nurtured professional networks. Advice: Embrace challenges, seek knowledge relentlessly, and never stop growing. Each obstacle is an opportunity for growth, and every bit of knowledge gained is a step towards excellence. ”

The MBA is the prime management qualification for managers. Designed for your success, the MBA creates distinctive managers with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest business practices. This MBA gives you a great overview of the business world and enhances your knowledge and skills further. It provides much deeper understanding of the business environment and helps you to become able managers.

This global gold standard management qualification provides a rigorous and challenging postgraduate business and management experience in which students develop alongside other experienced managers and business professionals to facilitate their becoming more effective managers or professionals.

Learn at Switzerland’s premier private college and graduate with students from over 130 different countries and from the University of Cumbria.