MSc in Global Management
“My experience with RKC surpassed my expectation in a positive way as I enrolled for a full-time online masters. I was worried that it will not be engaging. However, I was wrong, the materials and online lectures were very insightful and interactive. Assessments were mostly real life global issues which gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge as though you are in a real work space. The feedback on assessments from professors were very detailed and logical which further refined my knowledge on the subject matter.”

Your studies will cover modern finance and investment theory to provide you with solid foundations and practical business techniques so that you are fully aware of the implications and assumptions in use. You will learn to critically appreciate the limitations of modern finance and investment methodologies and to apply them in different contexts.

The programme is industry-focussed and makes extensive use of real-world examples to examine the application of your learning. In the final semester, you will work on the Industry Collaboration Project, a live industry brief either for your own employer or with another organisation.  You will choose one of four options to look at a real industry problem and provide researched solutions, helping you put your learning into practice.