MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
“The flexibility of the university's MSc program enabled me to meet my family, work and mentoring commitments successfully. Additionally, this university provided me with the opportunity to meet, learn from, and share with people from diverse backgrounds who are now my lifelong friends. Looking for a prestigious university? Look no further. Enroll in this university, take advantage of the opportunities it offers, put forth your best effort in everything you do, and believe in yourself and your dreams.”

In recent years the nature of fraud has changed and the impact of information technology means that there are now opportunities to commit fraud that did not exist in the past.

This exciting new programme aims to fill a gap where professional financial fraud is examined from different viewpoints including financial fraud, accounting fraud and banking fraud. It will provide students with an understanding of what motivates fraud and how to detect it.  You will not only obtain theoretical skills, you will also obtain practical skills and an awareness of the limitations of the theory that you are being taught.

Highly industry-focussed, the programme culminates in the Industry Collaboration Project.  You will choose one of four options to look at a real industry problem and provide researched solutions, helping you put your learning into practice.

3 good reasons to study Fraud and Risk Management:

  • Explore the impact of technology on fraud
  • Gain practical and transferable skills
  • Develop an understanding of fraud and the motivations behind it